ATWT Best Lines Thursday 2/5/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 2/5/09


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Brad: You should try it, man. It's fun.

Henry: The manufacturing process -- that's fun. Raising the little monsters, that's just torture.

Brad: That is harsh, Henry.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. You and Katie -- you go forth and bear fruit and multiply, all right. The only multiple fruit I want to see are three in a row on a slot machine.

Vienna: I think he's handsome and he plays squash.

Henry: I'd like to squash him.

Vienna: Well, I dare you to find anything wrong with him.

Henry: Uh, yeah, actually I can see something wrong with him -- any guy that looks like that is hiding something. I'm would say it was Botox.

Vienna: You know, I'm not cold. I feel warm all over when I'm thinking about the beautiful baby I'm going to have.

Henry: What, with a total stranger? A man who has a number instead of a name? What are you going to call the kid? 1370 junior?

Vienna: It doesn't have to be anonymous. We can ask someone we know to volunteer. Someone we like and respect. How about jack Snyder?

Janet: What? Oh, hell no, hell no! My husband is off-limits!

Henry: Time out, penalty, okay. Flag on the play! We do not want to upset Janet, all right. We pay her not to break dishes.

Carly: It's neurotic behavior by an overprotective parent.

Jack: That explains him. What about your neurotic behavior, hanging out with him?

Jack: Maybe I should have earlier, Craig. Then you couldn't ruin our lunch.

Janet: Easy, jack --

Jack: So, why don't you and Mr. Peeping Craig here go someplace else to eat.

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