ATWT Best Lines Thursday 1/15/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 1/15/09


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Craig: I have my son and I want him to be proud of me. And the last thing he needs is a war between me and Dusty Donovan. So I think the best thing is for the professionals to come in and just sort the whole thing out.

Tom: Are you asking me to represent you?

Craig: I am.

Tom: Wouldn't you be a little more comfortable with someone that shared your love of duplicity

Craig: Well, I'll leave you two to your meeting and go see my son. Just to say hello. I'll call you for that referral.

Dusty: Referral for what?

Tom: Yeah, an attorney after I said that I wasn't interested.

Dusty: He tried to hire you?

Tom: Um, he did, but I told him you were a client and I offered to just steer him another way.

Dusty: Yeah, steer him to some ambulance-chaser with a serious drinking problem.

Tom: I thought that might be a little obvious.

Tom: Well, you're going to have to remember that he is Johnny's biological father. And any judge is going to take that into account.

Dusty: First, tom, I have a demand.

Tom: What is it?

Dusty: I want all the charges against Lucy dropped so she can come back.

Tom: Well, I think that's probably reasonable. What are you willing to give up?

Dusty: You mean, when can Craig spend time with my son?

Tom: That's what I mean.

Dusty: How about we start with never and get tougher from there.

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