ATWT Best Lines Monday 1/12/09

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 1/12/09


Provided By Elayna

Lucinda: Okay, let me understand you, Jade, and your philosophy. You seem to think because Noah saw Luke kiss Brian, that's somehow my fault?

Jade: But you don't get it? You're still furious at Luke for not telling you Brian was gay. But he was trying to protect you. He didn't want to ruin your happiness, so he sacrificed his own. And then he got so deep covering for Brian, that it all blew up in his face. And now Noah can't forgive him. And neither can you.

Lucinda: Wow, you're really on a soap box today. What in your infinite wisdom should I be doing about this?

Jade: I don't know. You're supposed to be this brilliant businesswoman that figures out every problem. So why don't you stop feeling sorry for yourself, and find out what you can do for your grandson. Because he loves you, and he deserves it.

Tom: So you're telling me that if we hadn't run into each other, you would've skipped lunch?

Casey: Yeah, I guess I forgot I was hungry.

Tom: I'm not saying that Alison is going to hurt you the way that Emily did, but you are a little battle-scarred right now. I don't think you should be involved with anybody.

Casey: So, you say I should become a monk or something?

Tom: Uh, yeah, your mom mentioned that.

Noah: You know, you can pitch a tent here, Ms. Walsh, it's not going to make a difference.

Lucinda: Oh, darling, you underestimate my tenacity.

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