ATWT Best Lines Friday 12/26/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 12/26/08


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Craig: The spirit is still alive in our hearts.

Katie: For those of us who have hearts.

Craig: You could at least open it.

Katie: Oh, I'm sure whatever you got me was outrageously expensive, but it's not going to change my opinion of you, and it certainly won't win points with my husband.

Craig: Well, tell him he'd better if he knows what's good for him.

Katie: Typical, typical Craig. Give with one hand. And with the other? Threaten to take it all away.

Craig: Well, it's always good to see a familiar face. Hey, you can't leave until you accept my condolences. I understand Paul is quite ill. Is there anything I can do?

Barbara: Besides gloat?

Craig: I would never do that.

Barbara: Oh, the hell you wouldn't. You must be loving this. After all your failed attempts to bring my son down, you must be thrilled to see him hit bottom.

Craig: Well then, accept my congratulations on your brand new baby granddaughter. Such a beautiful baby. It should have been a happy occasion, but I couldn't help feeling sad for Meg, though. It's a shame that her marriage to Paul didn't work out.

Barbara: You don't think it's a shame at all. You're just biding your time until you can figure out a way to get her back.

Craig: No. I quit trying to win Meg a long time ago. Though, I'm not sure I can say the same for Mr. Donovan.

Barbara: Why don't you go slither back into whatever hole you came out of and leave me and my family alone, all right?

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