ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 12/17/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 12/17/08


Provided By Wanda

GhostJames: No, Paul. I'm exactly what you need right now. What are you planning on doing -- killing yourself?

Paul: You think it would make a difference? Meg's never going to forgive me for trying to run Dusty out of town. And now she's cutting me out not only out of her life, but out of the life of our child.

James: Well I didn't sit around whining when Barbara, your mother, tried to keep me away from you.

Paul: Well, I'm not you.

James: No, no, no. You're not me. You are a defeatist. And you're losing the best thing. You're losing Meg. The best thing that ever happened in life, you just stand back and letting her go. So, would you quite moaning and pull yourself together?

Paul: Really, what's the point? Meg's gone. There's no hope.

James: Paul, there's always hope. As long as you're alive, there is hope.

Paul: Don't give me the "your life is precious" sermon, please. I'd gladly trade places with you. Let me guess. Classic Stenbeck, right? I mean, hold her against her will? Better yet, oh, I'll hypnotize her.

James: Change your strategy. Reverse your strategy. You've been having your enemies run around on wild goose chases. Keep Meg away from your enemies. Get her all to yourself. Well, you know, maybe you're on the right track. Maybe I made a mistake in trying to stop you earlier.

Paul: Right, you tried to talk me out of killing myself, but now you think it's a great idea.

James: Yeah, well, before you were just trying to get out of your own misery. You had no objective. But now you want Meg back. You can get her back. The question is -- do you the guts to really go for it? Hmm?

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