ATWT Best Lines Friday 12/12/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 12/12/08


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Lily: The girls are so disappointed that they're going to miss the wedding. They were so looking forward to seeing sage in her dress.

Holden: I will show them the video. No sense in getting everyone else sick, right?

Lily: Yeah, right. It's not very polite to send our guests home with flu bugs as party favors.

Liberty: Dad, take a chill pill.

Brad: You got any?

Liberty: Would I be in trouble if I said I did? I'm kidding. God, you are crazy. Was he like this when you guys got married

Craig: Lighten up, Jack. It's your wedding day. Let's hope this one lives up to your expectations.

[ Jack laughs ]

Jack: And what is that supposed to mean?

Craig: Well, obviously, my sister wasn't good enough for you. And poor Carly, well, she learned the hard way, it's simply impossible to live with the most moral man on earth.

Jack: Well, I was kind of the opposite of you. I wasn't looking for love. In fact, I almost stopped believing in it altogether, until you blew into my life like a hurricane, with a lasagna that wouldn't quit.

[ Janet laughs ]

Janet: Thank you very much! I'm ten pounds heavier!

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