ATWT Best Lines Thursday 12/11/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 12/11/08


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Brad: Well, you've got nothing on my brother who's turned walking down the aisle into a hobby, which either makes him most optimistic man in the world --

Henry: Or the dumbest.

Jack: Oh --


Brad: Or the dumbest -- anyway, hey, there are wedding crashers and singers. And then there's my big brother -- the wedding addict. But I really -- I really think that he has found his cure. A woman who can keep him happy and never let him down.


Jack: Yes, I was trying to pretend that you didn't say it.

Janet: I don't want you to feel obligated.

Jack: Oh, will you stop and listen to me for a second? I want to feel obligated. And committed. And connected. And married. To you. That's not going to change. Not now. Not ever.

Janet: You sure know how to sweet talk a girl.

Jack: Oh, Lady, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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