ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 12/9/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 12/9/08


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Alison: Is everything okay?

Casey: You mean, like, my health and --

Alison: That is why some people come to the hospital.

Casey: Really? I thought it was for the food.

Liberty: Yeah, I could've done better. But we have this, like, Trig unit next. It's really hard.

Janet: Oh, that's okay. You'll do well.

Liberty: Maybe you could help me?

Janet: Janet: Honey, the only thing I understand about math is "20% off."

Bob: I think we could find something for you to do around here.

Casey: Thanks!

Bob: Easy, easy, easy, lad. Easy. We were looking for a thoracic surgeon, but that job's been filled. But we're in the market for an orderly. Now, you have any experience emptying bedpans?

Janet: Hey. Don't go getting any stupid ideas.

Liberty: Like what?

Janet: Like going to see jack behind my back.

Liberty: Why would you ever say that?

Janet: Because you've done it before.

Liberty: Fine, point taken.

Janet: Swear on your credit cards.

Liberty: Mom!

Janet: Liberty!

Liberty: I swear on my credit card that I will not talk to Jack about the wedding.

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