ATWT Best Lines Friday 12/5/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 12/5/08


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Craig: Hi, sis. I know -- you're not sure whether you should hit me or kiss me.

Margo: Oh, Craig. How about we split the difference, and I arrest you?

Margo: So, you're telling me you had nothing to do with Paul Ryan's car bombing last February?

Craig: Not a thing. My hands are clean.

Margo: Uh-huh. And your conscience?

Craig: Even cleaner.

Margo: Wow. Well, let me just jog your memory then, Craig. Let's see her. "I truly wanted Paul dead. But I want you to understand why I did what I did. The truth is, Paul and meg tortured so Paul had to pay the price. If I had the chance, I'd do it again, only Paul wouldn't survive." Now if that's not a confession, I don't know what is.

Craig: Yeah, normally I would agree with you, except for one minor thing.

Margo: What's that?

Craig: That wasn't a confession.

Margo: Craig --

Craig: No. Margo, that was nothing more than my wounded pride talking.

Margo: Oh, your pride talks?

Craig: I saw an opportunity to save a little face. What, you don't have flaws? All right, look -- I had a lead on Johnny. I thought it was solid. So I was leaving town anyway. And I figured, what the hell? I'm never going to come back here again. So why don't I just go out with a little glory?

Margo: Oh, what are you? A showgirl? Get up. Your under arrest.

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