ATWT Best Lines Monday 11/24/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 11/24/08


Provided By Elayna

Casey: You think they would hire me here (Java)?

Alison: It's not a bad idea while you're still looking for what you really want to do.

Casey: This could be it. Stress-free, all the muffins I want. You think they have a retirement plan?

Casey: It's not like I can tell them now. It's Thanksgiving!

Alison: Well, in a month, it's going be Christmas.

Casey: You think I could hold out until Easter?

Alison: Well, if they're happy, I mean, maybe they'd go easier on you.

Casey: We're talking about my parents here? The cop and the former prosecutor? Going easy on people is not in their vocabulary.

Daniel: Something smells really good.

Margo: Well, it's not me, it's the turkey.

Daniel: I didn't know General Cho's delivered on Thanksgiving.

Margo: Hey, I can still do things in the kitchen.

Daniel: The dishes?

Josie: Why not just let me be me and see how that goes.

Dusty: You don't know who you are, remember?

Josie: Well, then there's a very good chance that I'm attractive and funny and smart.

Dusty: A really good chance --

Josie: Who knows? You might end up liking me as much as you liked Jennifer.

Meg: Whatever made you want to be involved with that woman?

Paul: Temporary insanity.

Margo: So, how's school?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

Margo: How are your teachers?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

Margo: Okay, how are your grades?

Tom: Don't say another word without your lawyer present. You know, you sound like you're interrogating him. So, how are your grades?

Daniel: Okay, I guess.

Tom: Well, I'm not going to keep Daniel from seeing his mom because she and his brother are on the outs. I mean, if he's old enough to have an affair with a woman that age, he's old enough to be with her in the house when it's over.

Alison: You're really scared to tell them, aren't you?

Casey: Have you seen how my mom deal with perps? She's a friggin' barracuda. And my dad's not much better. Ever since he stopped being the D.A., He's like got all this pent-up "justice for all" rage and has nowhere to put it.

Emily: You haven't had control of Casey since he was 12 years old. We both know his problems started way before he was ever with me. I mean, if anything, I've been a good influence on him. I'm the one who insisted he go to class. Who rewarded him for having good grades.

Tom: And how did you do that? By sleeping with him? I'm glad that you think you're a good influence because you could seduce some kid young enough to be your son --

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