ATWT Best Lines Friday 10/24/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 10/24/08


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Carly: Stuff? Stuff like wanting to be with you? Like wanting to remember what you said when you told that we belong together?

Jack: You just hate the competition, that's all. You want to mean more to me than any other woman. More than Janet does, more than Katie did, more than julia --

Carly: Oh, which? Julia number one or Julia number two?

Jack: Both. Both, Carly. You know, just the other day, we supposedly admitted that we weren't right for each other. And we both agreed that it wouldn't make sense to try again. So I thought we were over. And then you show up out of the blue and suddenly make this power play? Carly, why? What are you trying to prove? That no matter who I claim to love, I'll always end up in bed with you? Wait. Just a sec, wait

Carly: Because I didn't want this. I didn't want us. This love. This need. Lily has a theory. She thinks that I was Janet's advocate because I thought -- I hoped -- that you could never love her the way you loved me. That at some point you would realize that and --

Jack: And find myself in a hotel room with you. And kiss you. And make love to you. And then what?

Carly: You'd marry me again. And we'd head out toward forever once more. And this time, we'd get there.

Jack: I love you, too. I want you to know that, because it's the truth. I always have. I always will. Loving you is like a constant for me. It's a necessity. It just is.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: Loving you is easy. It's living with you that's harder than hell. And I just can't do it anymore

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