ATWT Best Lines Friday 10/17/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 10/17/08


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Lucinda: It's the principle darling, it's the principle. Corporate officers are not meant to use their position for personal gain.

Meg: Oh, really? Well, then every CEO in America should be in jail

Janet: You know, as a matter of fact, after I think about it, you're not really my type after all. You're too good and self-righteous. No wonder Carly had such a problem with you. She was always drowning in rules and regulations.

Jack: Wait a second here. What --

Janet: You're just too good for the world, Jack. None of us can handle the pressure.

Dusty: I'm Meg's friend and she's mine. That wouldn't be a problem if you were normal.

Paul: Oh, and sending your girlfriend to spy on my wife, that's normal to you? Because to me, that -- that seems a little twisted.

Dusty: I was trying to avoid the scene you're creating right now.

Paul: You want to avoid a scene? Do what I'm telling you right now. You stay the hell away from my wife.

Emily: He has a point.

Dusty: Yeah, I know. Isn't that something?

Janet: No, I shouldn't, young Henry. Don't let this cheerful exterior fool you. If I hear even the mention of Jack's name, there will be plates flying all around this restaurant.

Henry: Okay. Okay.

Janet: Okay, in fact, hey, I've got an idea. Okay, new customers that come in, if any of them are named Jack, they're going to have to change their name.

Henry: You've got it. Al's is now a J-- hey, you-know-whom free zone.

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