ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 10/8/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 10/8/08


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Paul: Excuse me. That looks very familiar. This was -- this was on the cards that my grandmother use to send to me when I was little.

Strindberg: That would make sense. It's your family's crest.

Meg: That urn is -- (pointing to an urn with James' ashes)

Paul: Yeah. Wow. Hey, Pops. Must be dark in there.

Emily: Whatever. Whatever -- she's fine, Dusty. Meg is a big girl. So, find some other woman to save, you know? Not that it's going to fill that big, fat void inside of you.

Dusty: Thanks, doc. Can I get off the couch now?

Emily: I don't know. Can the royal treasury afford another round?

Holden: You do realize that you're taking a pretty tough line with your mother, right?

Lily: You think I'm being unreasonable?

Holden: No, I told you. I support you. Whatever you want to do, I'm behind you.

Lily: Even if you don't agree with me?

Holden: Well, it's kinda a lot going on here. If you're this because you want to free yourself from your mother's interference, that's one thing.

Lily: Well, what else would it be?

Holden: If you're doing it because your mother took Dusty away from you and there are unresolved feelings -- well, that's something entirely different. So, which is it?

Lily: I don't know.

Holden: Then you better figure it out.

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