ATWT Best Lines Monday 9/29/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 9/29/08


Provided By Elayna

Janet: Hey! You're up early. Do you want some breakfast?

Brad: Uh, I'd rather have a fifth of scotch, you know, but I probably should be sober when they come to haul me off to the slammer.

Bonnie: I was hoping that you were Derek. I've been here all night waiting for him.

Carly: Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, no, no. Here's a tip -- never wait longer than an hour for a guy. You'll give him the wrong idea.

Katie: You have to help me figure out what to tell Brad.

Mike: Why don't you tell him the truth? Tell him that you were going to Chicago with me, got drunk, and spent the night.

Katie: You must still be drunk. That sounds awful.

Katie: I'm in Chicago working on a story, and I'm not gonna be there on time. Thanks.

Mike: What story are you working on?

Katie: The story I'm gonna tell Brad so he doesn't divorce me.

Mike: Aren't you gonna try Brad at home?

Katie: No. I changed my mind. I'm gonna go home. It's easier to make up in person, 'cause you can kiss and things.

Mike: Oh, yeah. I remember those things.

Janet: Wait! The police told you not to leave town.

Brad: Okay. If they come looking for me, uh, stall them. I'm not gonna miss my last chance for a conjugal visit with my wife.

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