ATWT Best Lines Thursday 9/18/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 9/18/08


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Jack: No. This place is closer, and the food's better.

Carly: Jack, I don't belong here. I'm leaving.

Jack: Without your keys? 'Cause I got them. They're right here. Nope.

Carly: What are you, 12?

Jack: That would still make me about 10 years older than the way you're acting. Did you have breakfast this morning?

Jack: We came together to save Parker. It didn't help us.

Carly: Well, you had a lot more to forgive than Lily does. Holden just made the one mistake. I made millions.

Jack: Not millions. A couple hundred thousand, maybe. [Both laugh] Hey. Okay, listen. Even if lily and Holden do get back together, where's that leave you?

Carly: Ready. To find someone who will love me, who I can love with my whole heart. I had it once. I hope it can happen again

Jack: Are you gonna be okay?

Carly: Yeah. Fine. You know, she's a decent woman. I think you should spend time with her without me in the way.

Jack: No. You're not a problem for Janet and me right now.

Carly: Then what is the problem, Jack?

Jack: I'm supposed to be a cop. I've always been a cop. And now I don't even know what i am. I just know that I can't talk about it. Half my family, they don't even know.

Carly: Okay. Well, let her help you as you figure it out, okay?

Jack: Use her, you mean, right?

Carly: No. Need her. Let yourself need her. Have a good supper. I'll see you at the work site.

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