ATWT Best Lines Friday 7/18/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 7/18/08


Provided By Wanda

Brad: I mean, we talked about this. I thought you and jack were over.

Janet: That's what you wanted, but Jack and I figured we were old enough to make that decision for ourselves

Brad: Keep that in mind. Family, respect, loyalty.

Parker: You know, are -- are we the Snyders or the Sopranos?

Brad: Unless you want to start singing like a soprano, I suggest you listen to me. You stay away from Liberty. You got that?

Carly: Can we not do this here, please?

Holden: Carly's right.

Jack: I knew something strange was going on with the two of you. All of the sudden, Holden was your best bud. You guys were always together. He helped you at metro, fixing the plumbing! That's -- that's poetic.

Jack: Is there a better way for him to find out? As if our kids aren't gonna find out what their mother's been up to.

Carly: Would you get off your high horse? I am sick to death of your self-righteous put downs. Do you have any idea what a relief it was to be with a man who doesn't criticize me all the time?! Get out! Get out of here.

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