ATWT Best Lines Friday 7/11/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 7/11/08


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Jack: You trying to get me fat?

Janet: I'm trying to give you an excuse to work out naked. Come on, now. Just think of how many calories we could burn off if you play your cards right.

Carly: Damn straight you don't. I'm gonna be in that room tonight, too, you know, where Lily will be touching you and kissing you, and I'm supposed to pretend that it doesn't matter to me.

Holden: Then stay away.

Carly: I can't. I cannot bail on dinner, because Lily will worry about me. I can't erase the fact that you and I slept together, and I -- I can't stop the fact that I want to be with you again.

Holden: I want that, too. I want that.

Carly: I can't have you, so I have two choices -- be alone, or find somebody else. I don't want to be alone.

Katie: Why are you getting mad at me?

Liberty: Because if you quote/unquote grown-ups would just give a little bit more thought to who you decide to sleep with, then parker and I would not be having the problems that we're having. And maybe for once, you guys could, I don't know, maybe not sleep with someone's stepmom or ex-wife or brother or -- it would just make things a lot easier.

Jack: Parker -- hey, would you stop, please? Sit down. Let's talk about this now, okay? You and your brother and your sister -- you will always, always, always be my number-one priority. What's happening with Janet -- it's -- it's not that big a deal.

Parker: How can you say that, after you caught me with liberty and laid into me when all we did was kiss?

Jack: Time-out! I did not lay into you!

Parker: Oh, you gave me this entire lecture about how important it is to make sure that the girl wants to be kissed and how important all that stuff is!

Jack: Okay, what's happening with you and liberty is vastly different.

Parker: That's right. Because kissing someone is much less of a big deal than having sex with someone. At least it should be.

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