ATWT Best Lines Thursday 7/10/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 7/10/08


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Meg: You know, you really didn't have to bother the chef.

Paul: The chef? I made this with my own two hands.

Meg: You did, really?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I know you already know this, but I'm a man of many talents.

Meg: Yeah, but is cooking one of them?

Paul: Well, you tell me.

Tom: I need you to get dressed. Get out of my house. Stay away from my sons.

Emily: Daniel's my son, too.

Tom: That was an accident of biology. I'm gonna make sure that he doesn't get hurt any more by that accident than he already has been.

Margo: That's not gonna happen. Casey is gonna start thinking with his brain again and Emily will be out of his life.

Tom: Well, even if that happens, you didn't make it very easy for him to come home, did you?

Margo: He'll be back. He'll be back. When have you ever known Emily to keep a man in her life?

Susan: You and Casey? You and Casey Hughes?

Emily: If you're trying to make me feel worse than I already feel, it's not possible, so don't waste your breath.

Susan: Have you completely lost your mind?

Emily: I don't know. Maybe I have.

Susan: It wasn't enough for you robbing the cradle with Chris Hughes? Casey -- that's like robbing the womb

Emily: I've lost him. I've lost him for good.

Susan: Who are you crying for -- Daniel or Casey?

Emily: Both.

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