ATWT Best Lines Thursday 7/3/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 7/3/08


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Henry: Okay. Don't do it for your pal, your best bud. Do it for Vienna, will you? I want to give my lady love the platinum-plated lifestyle she deserves. She thinks slaving away at this diner is the be-all, end-all, and it's not. Metro -- that could be heaven on earth for us, where I could make her disco queen of the night. Now don't let Carly stand in the way of that.

Mike: Does Vienna even want to be disco queen of the night?

Henry: Doesn't everyone? I'm counting on you, mike. No scoop of fudge for you until you finish the job, okay?

Henry: Hello, hello. Wow! Hummanah, hummanah, hummanah, hummanah! Martha, Martha, Martha! Wow. You have never looked so fetching.

Vienna: Ooh, you likey?

Henry: Oh, I likey very muchy. You're busting out there a little bit, aren't you? For the parade. If I remember my American history, Martha Washington was a bit more conservative, I think.

Vienna: Yes, I know, but in keeping with the spirit of the holiday, I just took some liberties, and I think it works.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, it works. It works. Why don't we get cozy? What do you say? If you're lucky, I'll let you play with my doodle. I've been told -- I've been told it's a dandy. Come here. I love that laugh.

Holden: You know, it feels so strange being in this house. Almost like I shouldn't be here when jack's not here. It's Jack's house.

Carly: It's not Jack's house. It's mine. But it does feel weird. Like our boundaries are all mixed up and we have to get them back before we get into trouble. Maybe that's why I brought mike to the cookout tonight, to try to find those boundaries

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