ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 7/1/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 7/1/08


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Sofie: What do you think you're gonna get out of blackmailing me, Cole? I've already given you everything I have. You know, it's not like I can -- I can print money out of the hotel room.

Cole: You don't have to work that hard, babe. That's my kid you're carrying there, not Paul Ryan's. And since I'm responsible for 50% of the product, I figure I'm owed 50% of the profit. But, like I said, I don't need it all at once. We'll put you on the installment plan.

Margo: Casey, Casey, come on. It's our 25th wedding anniversary. We have family coming over. You got to be here.

Casey: No.

Tom: Uh, excuse me. It's not an option. You're staying.

Casey: Trust me, you don't want me around in the mood I'm in.

Tom: Really? Why? What's the problem?

Casey: The truth?

Tom: No, lie to us. You know how much we love that.

Barbara: Listen very carefully. I can stop you in one of two ways. One, I can have charges filed against you for attempted murder and see to it that you spend the last of your attractive years in a women's prison. Or I can simply make you disappear.

Sofie: Are you threatening to kill me?

Barbara: I'm a sick woman. I have nothing to lose.

Sofie: Yes, you do. I'm pregnant with your grandchild, and even if you hated me enough to want me dead, there is no way -- no way -- that you would do anything to harm your own flesh and blood.

Barbara: I was married to a man named James Stenbeck. I learned from him that you can sacrifice anything or anyone if there's something you want badly enough, and I want Paul and meg married.

Sofie: You get out. Get out!

Barbara: You will lose, little girl. You are all alone, and if you vanish, no one will even miss you.

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