ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 6/18/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 6/18/08


Provided By Wanda

Bonnie: Does Vienna know that you are moonlighting?

Henry: No. I came down here to get a little -- little libation, and Carly asked me to fill in until she could get back. Uh, anyway, I'm being paid by Mr. Martini. Would you care to join me?


Henry: Maybe this stuff is going to my head, but that says, "pay to the order of" -- that's a lot of zeroes.


Henry: So I can cash this and not end up in handcuffs?

Bonnie: Oh, Henry, come on. I am your lawyer. It is my job -- my duty -- to keep you out of trouble.

Henry: Rich and out of trouble. That I can do.


Carly: Oh, no. Oh, I mixed up the bottles again. Henry, I'm sorry. Here, let me start again.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no! You know what, sweetheart? If you plan to get, like, the hip cocktail crowd in here, you shouldn't fill up their drinks with ammonia. You know, Carly, what you need around here -- is me.


Henry: With my mixology and your curve-ology, we're an unbeatable combo.

Carly: Curve-ology? Did you actually just say that?

Henry: Look, I'm not just talking about your shimmy and my shake here, all right? I mean, I -- I'm loaded now, and this place could use an infusion of cash. No more using duct tape to, uh, take care of the broken water pipes.


Henry: Liebchen, my darling, I am so glad you're here. I was gonna call you.

Vienna: I've been looking everywhere for you, Henry, and where do I find you? Drinking and carousing with this man-eating bimbo?


Vienna: What? Am I supposed to be impressed?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I -- you will be when you see this certified check. Mega-rich "r" us. Thank you to ms. Mckechnie.

Vienna: But don't you understand, Henry? This -- this is dirty money.

Henry: I don't mind being filthy rich. Do you?


Henry: Yeah, and I put in an offer to be equal partners. Think about it, sweetheart. Glam parties, the velvet ropes, celebrities. I -- I just need more glitz and less shvitz.


Henry: Wouldn't you rather be here, serving cosmos and tripping the light fantastic rather than grilling greasy burgers?

Vienna: I could never give up the diner. Al's is my baby. There's no deal, Henry, and that's no with a big "n," as in, "no, no, no, never."


Henry: Honey, I was born with a cocktail shaker instead of a rattle. Carly has to see that she can't mix it up without Henry.

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