ATWT Best Lines Friday 6/13/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 6/13/08


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Parker: How's J.J.?

Jack: He's doing better.

Parker: Poor kid.

Jack: Okay, who are you, and why are you pretending to care about J.J.'S well-being?

Parker: I'm worried about him, really.

Jack: Yeah -- or maybe you're looking for another excuse to stay home from camp?

Parker: Look, it just wouldn't feel right for me to be enjoying myself in the fresh air while he's here, sick as a dog.

Jack: Don't ever get brought into interrogation. You're a terrible liar

Liberty: Whoo. And my mission, if I choose to accept it, is? A t-shirt?

Janet: It's Brad's. It's the one that I wore the night I spent the night.

Liberty: Oh, my god. And you kept it as a souvenir?

Janet: No! I wanted to wash it. But the only fabric softener I have is lemon verbena, and I knew that Brad wouldn't like that smell. And what if Katie smelled that smell --

Liberty: Okay, crazy lady, stop talking about fabric softener and just tell me why I'm here.

Janet: I want you to put it back in Brad's drawer without anyone knowing.

Liberty: Without Katie knowing

Liberty: And what exactly is the whole point of this?

Janet: All right. Now that Katie's back in town, i don't want to make trouble where there isn't any.

Liberty: You don't want to make trouble? Mom, that's what you live for.

J.J.: Dad, I think I'm gonna --

[ J.J. Throws up and then Groans ]

Jack: I think he did

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