ATWT Best Lines Monday 6/9/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 6/9/08


Provided By Elayna

Liberty: Hey. Ew, what is that smell? Oh, my god. It looks like the kitchen, like, threw up or something.

Brad: Emeril makes it look easy.

Liberty: You really bammed it in here. Hey, you know what I'm thinking?

Brad: That it's going to take hours to clean up this mess?

Liberty: We can get dinner delivered in 15 minutes.

Brad: You pick, I'll pay.


Meg: You know what I have to be, Paul? I have to be absolutely sure that I have done everything possible to get you out of this mess that Sofie has dragged you in. So you either let me help you or I go behind your back and do it anyway. Which will it be?


Brad: I stepped away for a second to answer the phone. Next thing you know, code red.

Janet: Oh, my -- well, I got to clean this up. I owe Katie at least that much.

Brad: Well, I don't think she's really gonna notice.

Janet: Get out.

Brad: What?

Janet: Get out! Out! Out! I need elbow room.

Brad: Is she serious?

Liberty: She's serious. Whenever she gets all Martha Stewart like that, you better just get out.


Paul: This is kind of a crazy little fight. I'm angry with you because you want to help me.

Meg: Yeah, and this little fight you're going to lose, so you might as well give in gracefully.


Barbara: I just came from seeing Sofie. I wanted to make sure that she realized that our business arrangement with her was over.

Paul: Right. So, did she accuse me of something else now?

Barbara: No, she offered me tea. I don't think she thinks any of this is real. I didn't realize till that moment how far gone she was. I almost feel sorry for the kid.

Paul: Yeah, well, I would feel sorry for her if her craziness didn't put me in front of a judge.


Janet: Is it good?

Liberty: You know it's good, mom.

Janet: Yeah, I know. That's because when I cook for you, I cook from the heart.

Liberty: Do you slap from your heart, too?


Liberty: Oh, well, hey, it took you long enough.

Parker: Okay, so why are you so desperate to see me?

Liberty: I don't do desperate.


Parker: Okay, I have a crazy idea, so brace yourself. You're actually gonna go to summer school. And then maybe if you go to summer school, you could actually graduate high school before you're 80.

Liberty: Oh. Well, even when I am 80, I will still be having a hell of a lot more fun than you.

Parker: Oh, yeah, because summer school is so banging.

Liberty: What are your big summer plans?

Parker: I'm going to camp.

Liberty: Oh, my god. You're kidding, right? "Make macaroni art, sit in a little circle and tell ghost stories" camp?

Parker: I'm not a camper, I am a counselor in training.

Liberty: Dude, your life is even sadder than I thought.


Liberty: Fine. And you know what? Maybe when you come back from camp, you can teach me how to make a lanyard.

Parker: Probably be the only thing you learn all summer.


Brad: Did you get your book?

Liberty: Mm-hmm. I stole it back from those big, bad book thieves

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