ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 6/4/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 6/4/08


Provided By Elayna

Aaron: Okay. Well, you're allowed to feel sorry for yourself, but not until you finish that drink in front of you.

Alison: Fine. But I'm warning you, I'm going to drink it very, very slowly.

Aaron: Who does she think she is?

Alison: Well, she -- she thinks I'm a slut. But I think she's a big bitch, so I guess we're even.

Liberty: Okay, maybe I was worried, mom. Maybe I was a little worried about my -- black-eyed mom and her inspiring taste in men.

Janet: You were worried about me?

Liberty: Oh, yes, Mom, I was. I was really, really worried about you until you found some way to get my dad arrested.

Brad: Are you really mad at me?

Katie: Don't ask me that when you're wearing handcuffs.

Brad: What are you saying? Are you firing me?

Kim: If the charge sticks, you bet on it.

Parker: Let's get outta here. This is probably gonna be a while. Katie will call when it's over.

Liberty: Okay. Besides, these fluorescent lights are stunting my growth.

Katie: I can't believe Bud is actually pressing charges. Brad could lose his job over this. What am I supposed to do?

Jack: Do you want me to answer that as a cop or as a friend?

Katie: Cop first, so I can complain about you to my friend.

Jack: Okay, well, the only thing that's gonna help brad right now is if these charges just go away.

Katie: And the friend?

Jack: He's offering you help. Just don't tell the cop. We took down Bud's number when he gave his statement in case we needed to talk to him later. Whoops.

Brad: I'm not apologizing to this guy.

Jack: Two words, Brad. Two words, and we're done.

Brad: Okay, you want two words? I'll give you two words. No way.

Katie: Brad can be stubborn and pigheaded sometimes. You're a man. You know how they can be.

Bud: You're winning me over by the minute, sweetheart.

Brad: What are you still doing here?

Janet: Catholic guilt. My punishment is waiting it out with you.

Brad: You made a deal with that tool, didn't you?

Katie: Yeah, I did. And just like you, I'm not gonna apologize for it.

Brad: Even though you know how I feel about it?

Jack: I think what you mean to say is, "Thank you, Katie. I really appreciate everything you've done for me, because now I'm a free man without a criminal record."

Alison: You're a big man, aren't you, Chris? Using your influence to get me barred from every square inch of this hospital? You just snap your fingers, and you get whatever you want handed to you. Well, you know the funny thing about big men? When they fall, they fall real hard.

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