ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 5/27/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 5/27/08


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Natalie: What happened?

Lily: Well, what happened was we gave an outrageous amount of money to the electrical contractor, and he fixed it so the lights don't work.

Carly: Come on, now, you know me. You weren't getting out of here without telling me where you were going and who you were going with anyway. So who is it, is it Liberty?

Sage: Parker and Liberty, sitting in a tree.

Parker: It's not Liberty. You're going to pay, I mean it --

Carly: Don't threaten your sister, it's her job to annoy you. So, if it's not Liberty, who is it?

Parker: Just this girl from school. Ashley Davis.

Sage: No way!

Carly: You know her?

Sage: She's like so out of his league.

Carly: Hey. Now you're starting to annoy me. No one is out of your brother's league, do you understand me? So what's this girl's number?

Parker: Okay, you can go now.

Carly: Aw, you don't want us to hang around and meet Ashley. Parker, that's too bad, because I brought along some little baby pictures when you were so naked cute. I wanted to show her.

Parker: I'm so lucky to have such a funny mom.

Carly: All right, we'll go. You call me if you need a ride or anything, okay?

Sage: Parker --

Parker: What?

Sage: You look really nice. You picked the right shirt.

Parker: Thanks.

Carly: I think I'm going to faint dead away. Did you just say something nice to your brother? Come on, honey. Now you have fun on your date.

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