ATWT Best Lines Monday 5/19/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 5/19/08


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Casey: I'm just not a really big fan of the whole fix-up thing.

Alison: Oh, no. This wasn't a fix up. It's more like a, uh -- a run into! Come on, Hughes. It's not like you got something else going on, right?

Man: Is there something I can do for you?

Liberty: You are so not my dad, and you're definitely not Katie.

Janet: Uh, either we have the wrong room number or there's something fishy going on here.

Brad: Oh, Angelina, you came back.

Katie: Very funny.

Emily: You tell your mother about us. And she was thrilled about it, because you know how Margo loves to pass judgment on me.

Casey: Okay, yes, you're right. You know, me and my mom have been getting along so well that I just had a nice chat with her. "Oh, mom, guess what. My relationship in new York went to a new level with Emily. And now, when I got back, she got all crazy on me and I had to quit my job, and now she's following me around."

Emily: I'm not following you around.

Casey: As I said, this is none of your business. But I'm gonna tell you what's going on so maybe you'll come back to planet earth. I bumped into Alison, and she's trying to hook me up with her friend. So your precious sister is safe from me.

Chris: So you'd rather she got kicked out of the program instead of getting a second chance?

Susan: No. I want her to finish the program.

Chris: So you just enjoy yanking my chain.

Susan: But I have learned that what I want is not always what's best for my children. And I also know that Alison has an inherited disability when it comes to the concept of consequences. When people like you start cleaning up for people like us, we begin to expect it. That only postpones the inevitable.

Chris: Oh, so you have no faith in her.

Susan: More than you do, I think. I want her to finish this program.

Chris: She will.

Susan: But when she does, is it gonna be something that she's proud of or just another example of leaning on some guy who feels like a big shot for helping her.

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