ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 4/16/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 4/16/08


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Mike: So they had a few laughs together, you know. She is not in love with him. And you know why? Because she still has feelings for me.

Henry: That may be true. But if she tossed you out of her room, it may not be the feelings that you were hoping for.

Brad: What happened between you and Katie? Today is her wedding day. She needs you.

Margo: No, no, no, Brad, why don't you go and ask the woman you're planning on spending the rest of your life --

Brad: I just don't understand why you decided to pick up your marbles and go home.

Katie: Oh, come on. Henry, you haven't dressed up for me in ages.

Henry: No, forget about it, bubbles, okay. You bring out a bridesmaid dress, and this is the end of a beautiful friendship.

Katie: You stood up for me once before.

Henry: Yeah, I married you once before, too. That doesn't mean I want to do a comeback tour.

Mike: You want to be my buddy? You know, if this is some kind of offense is the best defense move, I'm not buying it.

Carly: Oh, god, what is it with you -- you Snyders? You think you're on some god-given mission to save everybody and everything. You're so good and noble and patient and understanding. Don't you realize that you just make the rest of us feel even worse?

Henry: Why not? Well, for starters, mike, I just convinced Katie to ask Jack to do the honors.

Mike: Do you think he'll say yes?

Henry: He's never been able to say no. So what we're going to have is brad with two best men that'll be ex-husbands of the bride, and then Katie's going to have another ex as the male-of-honor. Let me ask you something, mike. Does that sound like a recipe for success, or a fast-track to disaster?

Mike: We'll find out, won't we?

Henry: Okay. Will you do me a favor?

Mike: What's that?

Henry: When the preacher says speak now or forever hold your peace, would you put a sock in it?

Katie: Oh, my God, three -- three of ex-husbands are going to be watching me get married. Might as well call Simon to be the ring bearer.

Brad: Let's not get carried away. They all can give you away to me, live on "Oakdale Now." And Kim was worried about the ratings.

Kim: Hey. How

Brad: What do you think about three of Katie's exes being in the wedding?

Kim: Oh. We'll have our own soap opera.

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