ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 4/9/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 4/9/08


Provided By Elayna

Margo: All right, I'll bite. What are you doing here?

Jack: Sitting at home on my donkey is really boring.

Margo: Oh, so you rode your donkey down here to be bored, did you?

Jack: Brad and Katie are going through with it? That's great.

Margo: You want to try that one more time with feeling?

Katie: But I break up, and then marry someone else. I'm like a serial bride.

Lily: I understand that.

Katie: I think, let's see -- with the two to Simon, I'm up to six.

Lily: Six?

Katie: Yeah.

Lily: Wow. It beats me.

Katie: And I'm catching up to Lisa Grimaldi.

Lily: Oh! Well, sixth time could be the charm. You never know.

Meg: I'm sure mike got the message. And the implied threat that went with it.

Paul: I did not imply a threat. My threat was blatant.

Meg: What happened to the new and improved Paul Ryan? Less zap, more zen?

Paul: Well, it's hard to be zen about zoning.

Meg: Well, that's hard to say, too. Huh?

Margo: My precinct is your precinct, Brad.

Brad: Thank you, sis. (Margo scowls)

[ Jack laughs ] She loves me. She just doesn't want to get all mushy in front of you.

Brad: What do you mean, you're going to pass?

Jack: Let me Google that for you. Oh, yes, it means, thanks for the invite, but I cannot --

Brad: Do you want to Google sore loser?

Jack: Good. Then I won't put a damper on your wedding or your engagement.

Brad: You've got a point. You are the wet blanket heavyweight champion of the world. And it's probably good that you're being such a chump about this because we don't need a wet blanket tonight. Thank you, brother. Thanks for nothing.

Meg: Not exactly. I do have an ulterior motive for asking you out --

Paul: You? Really? Well, I'm fond of ulterior motives. See, further proof that we're meant to be together.

Mike: Well, I -- I would hate to disappoint Emma. And to be honest, I would be afraid to disappoint her.

Meg: See? Any other contractor wouldn't know mama well enough to be afraid.

Paul: Thanks. I'm going to try and be open and honest now. And not so underhanded and I figure that if I'm open and honest about how underhanded I am, then that's not really underhanded, right?

Cop: What are you cooking?

Margo: Cooking -- cooking -- no, no, it's whatever the caterer has on special. But I plan on lying and telling everybody I made it myself.

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