ATWT Best Lines Monday 3/24/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 3/24/08


Provided By Elayna

Bob: I just came from the hospital review board. They concluded that you were drugged without your knowledge. You've been exonerated.

Chris: Thank god.

Bob: Congratulations. I'm very happy for you.

Chris: Thanks, dad. I just -- I'm sorry that it took a hospital review board for my father to believe in me.

Paul: I have something for Meg.

Emma: I'm sure you do. I'm also sure it's something she neither wants or needs.

Paul: Well, how bout we let Meg decide for herself what she wants and needs?

Emma: And what, deprive me of the pleasure of telling you to take a hike?

Emma: All right. But call me, if you need me, just shout. I'll bring the shotgun.

Paul: Thank you for rescuing me, you're like my hero.

Meg: Yeah, well, don't get your hopes up. She was serious about the shotgun. So, now what do you want?

Sofie: Did you drug Chris Hughes to make it look like he was drunk on duty at the hospital?

Paul: Did I drug -- no, I didn't.

Sofie: Really?

Paul: Really. Do you have a stack of bibles I can swear on or something? You don't believe me?

Sofie: Yeah yeah, I do. You've never lied to me.

Paul: No, not yet. I'm just kidding.

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