ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 3/11/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 3/11/08


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Henry (to Cowboy Jack): What'd they get you for? Chewing the scenery? You're a really creepy dude. I don't know what you're grinning about, you're no better off than I am. We're both just a couple of dumped dummies. When I get my hands on the guy who kept me from the most important date of my life, I swear. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Henry (to Cowboy Jack): Maybe it's time to look on the bright side here. You know? I mean, I've never been a glass is half full kind of guy, unless it's a martini glass and someone else is buying. But there's nothing to make a guy turn over a new leaf like being locked up with Chuckie. So, let's look at the evidence, shall we? If gray went through all this trouble to get rid of me, it must mean that he is worried that Vienna still has feelings for me. Which means, that in spite of everything, she still loves me. Which means, that I actually have a shot, Chuckie, if I can just get out of here! Come on! For the love of peat moss, would you make like a log and roll over here, please? I need to get out of here before it's too late!

Chris: I pity you. If all you've learned from your near-death experience is to turn people against each other and prey on young, helpless women --

Paul: Are you talking about Sofie? Well, you couldn't be talking about Emily because she's mature and she's empowered. I know, I have a bullet scar to prove it.

Paul: You're my doctor, right? So you of all people know that I can barely make it out of this house. So if Sofie's hanging out here, she's doing it of her own accord. Does that make you angry?

Chris: And to think, I had your life in my hands.

Paul: Oh, big up for the Hippocratic Oath.

Chris: If this is how you want to play it, fine. Watch your back.

Paul: Does this mean I have to get a new doctor?

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