ATWT Best Lines Monday 3/10/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 3/10/08


Provided By Elayna

Henry: What were you doing?

Brad: What were you doing?

Henry: I was waking up! It's no fun to wake up spooning Godzilla, let me tell you that!

Henry: I remember you swigging out of the bottle, as i recall.

Brad: Yeah, so were you.

Henry: Yeah, and you were discoursing on lost love and the tragedy that therein lies.

Brad: Oh -- discoursing? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I gotta tell you, this love thing is really tough on a man's liver.

Brad: I can't go to work and leave you like this.

Henry: Why ruin your life for me? I have nothing to live for.

Brad: You have Vienna, if you can find the guts and go get her. All you need is a plan of attack.

Henry: Okay. I'm open to suggestions, brad, because I am fresh out of ideas. Are you thinking? It's always so hard to tell -- got anything yet? Didn't think so. I'll see you next summer, Brad.

Brad: Look, you don't know that until you try. Now you get in there and you plead, grovel and beg.

Henry: No -- isn't it repulsive to see a man reduced to begging?

Brad: No. The way to a woman's heart is on your hands and knees.

Henry: Humphrey Bogart never begged.

Gray: Coleman, I told you what would happen if you didn't stop harassing Vienna.

Henry: I just want to talk to her, all right?

Gray: Yeah? Obviously, you don't like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes, or doing all the things that people who still have their thumbs get to do.

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