ATWT Best Lines Thursday 2/28/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 2/28/08


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Katie: I don't hear any furniture flying. Oh, I hope Vienna and Henry are kissing and making up.

Brad: Well, I bet they're doing a lot more than kissing. You know, they say that making love is the best medicine. Wow, I feel really hot. I think I need some sexual healing.

Katie: Oh my God, I am not going to play doctor with you. Let's go.

Vienna: "You are beautiful right down to your toes. Every inch of you deserves the best. Gray." No. No, no, I can't. Darlings, you were my first love. But I have a new man in my life now, and I have to be faithful. So, as much as I've missed you, and make no mistake, I've missed you, we have to say goodbye. Gray can keep his gifts and his money. On second thought

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