ATWT Best Lines Monday 2/25/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 2/25/08


Provided By Elayna

Noah: Well, I'm not going to take advantage of you or something, if that's what you're worried about. I'm gay, remember?

Ameera: I know I can trust you, Noah. You were a gentleman last night.

Noah: Well, if we can sleep in the same room, we can sit in a truck together.

Alison: Well, that's good. So what have you done that you're not so proud of?

Matt: Oh, well, let's see. I used to shoplift comic books and candy when I was a kid.

Alison: Oh, that makes me feel so much better.

Henry: Yeah, were they filming a "CSI Oakdale" here or something?

Kit: No, there was a shooting. My boyfriend was killed.

Henry: Oh, I am sorry. That -- that does cut the resale value though.

Kit: Well, no, no, not necessarily. There was a mob hit in a restaurant in New York and after that, the place got so popular, you -- you just couldn't get a reservation to save your life. Trust me, the Chicago crowd will eat this up.

Carly: Katie went too far. Coming to me, very sweet and apologetic, expecting me to thank her for coming up with this ridiculous scheme!

Brad: Excuse me, Katie didn't come up with it. I did, and it's not ridiculous. You both should be thanking me.

Jack: I'm with Carly. It's not going to work.

Brad: Oh, boy, the negativity in this room is mind-boggling.

Jack: Henry Coleman, the master of the art of the deal? I'm sure he just made matters worse.

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