ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 2/13/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 2/13/08


Provided By Elayna

Vienna: Why did you invite him here?

Henry: Well, we have a sign that says, come in, we're open. It seems to be working.

Paul: I thought you'd be celebrating. I thought you'd be thrilled to get Worldwide back.

Lucinda: Oh yeah? At what price?

Paul: At what price? Craig is destroyed. That's -- that's priceless.

Paul: What if I told you that I could make Craig Montgomery disappear?

Lucinda: Now you're losing me, darling. Because the end of the world would come and Craig would be creepy-crawling out of the baseboards.

Paul: No. The time is now. The time is now. He's lost Meg, he's lost Worldwide, he's vulnerable now. The time is now.

Lucinda: Yeah? You want to take advantage of him while he's down?

Paul: What? I mean, unless that offends your newfound high moral standards.

Lucinda: No -- no. I can make an exception in this case. Sure I can, if it means getting Craig out of Oakdale for good.

Henry: Excuse us. Something's burning.

Vienna: Oh no. It's not the stove -- it is me. I thought you were trying to get rid of him, not get him to propose.

Vienna: Oh, Henry, you're jealous. That's so sweet. But I would never look at any other man. I only have eyes for you.

Henry: That may be true, but gray's eyes have practically been undressing you, and I'm not going to let him get away with it.

Meg: Your own daughter ran away from you so she could protect her little brother. What does that tell you about yourself?

Craig: Oh, get off your high horse, Meg. What the hell do you know about love, or about honesty? You couldn't even keep your wedding vows.

Gray: Well, look who got let off his leash.

Henry: We keep the dog on a leash, Gray. I come and go as I please.

Craig: Well, as usual, Emmy, first class all the way.

Emily: Well, yeah -- I didn't want to deal with that awkward moment, you know, when the check comes and you didn't have enough cash to cover it. Speaking of cash, how's that job search going anyway?

Lucinda: Well, I think I can see to it that Craig keeps going round and round, searching and searching and never finding his children.

Emily: How do you plan to do that, Lucinda?

Lucinda: Well, I do have contacts around the globe. The company's name is Worldwide! I can keep him going around and round in circles.

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