ATWT Best Lines Monday 2/11/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 2/11/08


Provided By Elayna

Vienna: Katie and Brad are a perfect couple. They just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Henry: A little nudge? You're pushing them off a cliff and pulling us along with them.

Henry: Oh, come on. Come on, when you tried to help Brad get Katie -- he broke his leg. No, and then -- and then she nearly choked to death on the ring that he gave her.

Vienna: Those were freak accidents!

Henry: It's freaky. They're very, very freaky. Now, why don't you stop, while the rest of us are uninjured.

Henry: Yeah. I want to apologize.

Vienna: Oh, that's not necessary, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, it is. It is. I'm really disappointed in myself. You know, right there I was really close to saying, "I told you so."

Henry: I know it seems unfair now, brad, looking at it from the bottom of a bottle.

Brad: It's not my fault. I'm Jack's brother. So, could I help that? I could have been anybody's brother, okay? We could be brothers.

Henry: No. Heaven forbid. Could I have another martini, please?

Brad: Just because my name -- just because, just because my name is Snyder, I haven't got a chance with Katie. Henry, I love her, man. And it's unfair, because Jack is always there. You know, he won't even let her think about moving on and starting a new life. It's like I'm a victim of fate and biology.

Henry: Brad, please. Please try to remember that the world did not begin with the Snyder brothers, okay? I hate to disillusion you, but Katie had a life before Jack and Brad.

Vienna: Oh, hello. I'm sorry to interrupt. Henry, you're not going to make me beg, are you? Are you coming?

Henry: Listen, I'm winning, okay? And it's not polite to leave when you're ahead like that. Just go home and I'll be there shortly.

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