ATWT Best Lines Monday 1/14/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 1/14/08


Provided By Elayna

Barbara: Sir, sir -- I apologize for my son --

Craig: Oh, there's a full-time job.

Barbara: You need to calm down.

Paul: What happened to you suffering a great loss, Paul?

Barbara: You have, that's why you're not thinking straight. If I hadn't dragged you out of that hospital, you'd be at the police station being fingerprinted.

Margo: Did you give Meg a drug so that she would miscarry?

Craig: I thought about it. I took some steps -- I didn't do it. I didn't

Margo: That cleans the slate?

Craig: No, no, but please, try to understand. I found out she was having Paul's baby. I lost my mind. Anybody would have felt that way!

Margo: I don't think that you should presume to know what the human race would do.

Craig: Maybe not.

Margo: So that's why you asked me how I could love Daniel after everything that Tom and Emily did, because you wanted to know if you could possibly love another man's child, or just kill it instead!

Margo: These are not bogus charges. You put the drug in Meg's drink. Now, the minute you handed her that glass, that's intent. Knocking it out of her hand, that's mitigation. Oh, come on it is like you rob the bank, you take the money back?

Craig: Real, real -- oh, that's good. You want to try that theory in front of a jury? I'm sorry my wife cheated on me. She got pregnant with another man's baby. I did lose my mind, but i got it back together again at the last minute. I think the male jurors would take me out for a drink and a lap dance.

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