ATWT Best Lines Friday 1/11/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 1/11/08


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Meg: I'm not! You run him off with a gun, and that sick, self-serving part of him is gonna think that you're the one who sent him off, and not me. So he's gonna come back. And I couldn't stomach that. I never want to see your face again. You decided that it was your right to invade my body and try to end a human life because this wasn't your baby! And I'm supposed to be impressed that you didn't go ahead and try to murder my baby? You don't give a damn about kids, unless you're the man who made them. And you know what's really sick? That you actually think that there's something you can say that will make you anything but disgusting to me. Go away!

Jack: I know your mother is into letting you have your feelings and whatever, and I also know the mistakes she's made.

Parker: Yeah, her latest mistake is over there with my brother and sister.

Sam: So, my friends here tell me that you don't need to go to the dentist because you have wooden teeth. That you don't get cavities.

Cowboy Jack: No sir, I get termites.

Sage: That's gross.

Cowboy Jack: Yes, I had them whitened. All I needed was a little high gloss paint

Craig: Okay, all right, you know what? I just had the woman I love most in the world tell me she doesn't want to see me anymore. So there's nothing you can say, there's nothing you can do that is gonna make things worse for me.

Paul: Really? I'm not sure about that --

Craig: Because you don't matter! You are a marginal person. Your opinion of me is meaningless.

Craig: You've got nothing to say about it. I'll listen to Meg. I mean, that's gonna hurt, but she's got a right to judge me. She's a good person. But you? The utter hypocrisy of you coming here to lecture me, of you taking the moral high ground, of you wallowing in righteous indignation! Bull! There is no difference. You are not better than me. You and I -- we're the same.

Jack: When we pulled him in for the B & E, you read his file, you talked to him. Did any bells go off for you?

Margo: Yeah, I had quite a reaction -- I hate ventriloquists.

Jack: So, he's annoying, but harmless.

Margo: Ah, but he's very annoying.

Craig: Ryan, why don't you just leave? Why are you still here? You think I'm bad. I know you're an idiot. I don't find our conversations productive.

Paul: You think I want to be here with you?

Craig: Yeah, I do. I kinda got that impression when you broke down my door. I think you want to break down doors and make bombastic speeches and give and give a litany of empty threats, 'cause it makes you feel like you're -- like you're not like you really are.

Paul: You stay away from Meg. And you stay away from our child. Or I will kill you.

Parker: Oh, I wasn't listening. I was thinking about my homework --

Jack: I'm taking your temperature when we get home, buddy.

Carly: I'm just a little wary of someone who thinks that I'm always right, you know? Because then maybe I'll start thinking that way too, and you have no idea the mistakes I can make when I'm feeling empowered.

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