ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 1/9/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 1/9/08


Provided By Elayna

Aaron: Well, I'm pretty excited to have you back at work. 'Cause it hasn't been that much fun without you.

Sofie: Less broken glass to clean up.

Jack: This isn't about Sam. It's about you failing history and science.

Parker: You gonna to read me my rights and then throw me in jail, or what?

Carly: Hey. You think that actions don't have consequences? You think my life's golden? I'm sharing my house with another woman's boyfriend who's got a doll in a bag instead of my husband and my children. You're growing up, and I'm missing it! I've messed up, I know that, but I'll be damned if I'll stand by and watch you do the same thing.

Katie: You followed me here, didn't you?

Brad: That would be a yes. Is this like 20 questions?

Katie: So what? You thought you could just sneak in here and get a date with me?

Brad: Why not? I mean, this is totally legit, i swear.

Katie: Stan?

Brad: Would you believe that Stan is my middle name?

Ginny: Love your hair. I'm a stylist. And I know healthy follicles when I see them! Hi, I'm Ginny.

Brad: Nice to meet you.

Ginny: You remind me of that guy on TV. Brett or Branford. He's cute but he is a real blockhead. I like a man with more brain power, know what I mean?

Brad: Whoa -- did the bell ring already?

Ginny: Nope. Four minutes and 42 seconds left, big guy. Let's make the most of it.

Brad: Whoa, wait, wait, wait. I just don't get it. I mean, I think you should've been way more popular. You know what? You know what, it's probably because you're on tv. Guys are just really intimidated by that. But not me. You know?

Vienna: Oh, brad is right. Because it takes a very special man to be with Katie. And his initials are B.S.

Brad: She meant that in a good way.

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