ATWT Best Lines Friday 1/4/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 1/4/08


Provided By Elayna

Holden: How are you? Did I catch you at a bad time?

Bonnie: You bet you did. If you would have called about 10 minutes ago, you could've saved me some major damage on my credit cards.

Holden: I'll try to schedule my calls better in the future.

Bonnie: Last I heard, a date between two adults usually involved some sort of food or beverage. And before you ask, popcorn and soda do not count.

Holden: Well, I suppose that I could buy the candy, if you insist.

Bonnie: Big spender. Well, since you are clearly out of practice here, I gonna take pity on you and say yes.

Emily: What did you just call me?

Lily: You heard me. A whore. You know, that's somebody who sleeps with anybody that she can get her hands on.

Emily: Look, I don't want Dusty. Chris and I are very happy.

Lily: Do very happy women have one-night stands?

Emily: I told Dusty. I was honest about the way I felt. But it's not my fault he wasn't listening to me.

Lily: Maybe it was the timing. Hmm? Did you tell him before or after you slept with him that you weren't interested in him? How could he not understand your message? Wasn't it perfectly clear? You were so honest with him. Flaunting your relationship with Chris in front of him for months, and months, you just wanted to be a challenge. You wanted dusty to fight for you, all along. That's what you wanted to do!

Jay: That's a pretty classy drink for this place.

Lily: Oh, please. If you're going to say, what's a classy lady like you doing in a joint like this --

Jay: Nope, I just thought I'd just sit over here and build a fire to ward off the chill.

Bonnie: Yeah, and track down lily to and see if she's all right. And yeah, I understand. We'll just do this another time.

Holden: Sure you're okay with it?

Bonnie: Yeah, come on. I'm a lawyer, I'm used to adjournments, right?

Holden: Thanks. I owe you.

Bonnie: You bet. And I intend to collect.

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