ATWT Best Lines Thursday 1/3/08

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 1/3/08


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Dusty: I got a headline for you. "Dusty Donovan loves Emily Stewart."

Emily: Well, see, you forgot to read the small print. "Emily Stewart still with Chris Hughes."

Paul: Tell me something, 'cause I'd really like to know. Could you tell me, please, how the proudest papa on the planet has turned into a raving lunatic?

Lily: Truth is, dusty had some work to do at the Lakeview, so I went to metro to support Carly. Noah and Luke saw me there looking like a little wallflower.

Holden: Kinda hard to look cool when you're clubbing alone, huh?

Lily: Really? I just got dumped. That's devastating right there. But then you have to tell your soon to be ex-husband that you got dumped, that's just pathetic.

Dusty: Come on, you didn't get dumped. I got turned around about my feelings for Emily.

Lily: Oh, okay, I'll tell Holden that. That will be great. That will make me feel less embarrassed.

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