ATWT Best Lines Thursday 12/27/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 12/27/07


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Sam: Oh, whoa, we're not breaking the law --

Jack: Actually, yeah, you are, Sam.

Kit: Oh, let me guess. The "Don't get in Jack Snyder's face law?" I mean, come on, ain't it bad enough you guys are taking all our profits, you've got to harass us every chance you get, too.

Lucinda: Hello, Dear.

Lily: Oh, you sound annoyed. What is it?

Lucinda: Oh, Darling. What else do you expect from me, when you continue to let Dusty ruin your life?

Sam: Hey. I'll get -- let me help you with that.

Carly: Thank you. We're never gonna be ready in time, you know that?

Sam: Oh, yes, we are. We'll be fine. So your ex was pretty rough on you today.

Carly: He was just doing his job. Protecting the fine citizens of Oakdale from unauthorized posters.

Lucinda: That seeing you here, making yourself at home at the farm again, that maybe Christmas wasn't entirely over for you and Holden.

Lily: No, your hopes are in vain. Holden wants a divorce ASAP.

Lucinda: And Dusty has what to do with this?

Lily: Nothing! Holden wants this divorce. I didn't not want it. I didn't ask for it.

Lucinda: So long as Dusty is in your bed, Holden won't be.

Lily: Dusty is my friend.

Lucinda: I didn't fall off a Christmas tree, Honey.

Jack: Because Parker was just here. He was wondering about the relationship between you and -- your non-partner.

Carly: Sam? Sam?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: You got me, Jack. 'Cause when I see Sam, and his little dolly, I get weak in the knees. I do

Sam: Why don't you go along with your buddy?

Jack: Why don't you whittle a partner for Cowboy Jack while I talk to Carly alone, please? Unless of course, you're aching to spend New Year’s Eve in jail yourself. Are you going to have to cancel this opening tonight?

Lily: Yeah, what?

Lucinda: That you're going out on New Year’s Eve with Dusty.

Lily: Yes! I'm going out with Dusty. And who I go out with is none of your business.

Lucinda: Darling, of all the old acquaintances that should be forgot, he tops the list.

Jack: Aha! Success!

Parker: Brad's extra pair?

Jack: Never try to hide anything from a cop. Okay, behave yourself. And please, don't tell Sage that if she crosses her eyes and jumps up and down at midnight she can fly. That's dangerous.

Parker: It's J.J.'s idea, not mine.

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