ATWT Best Lines Monday 12/17/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 12/17/07


Provided By Elayna

Sofie: You fell in love during labor? I don't feel very lovable right now.

Gwen: Well, I didn't, either. I kept yelling at him to get away from me. But lucky for me, he didn't listen.

Katie: It's not working. I'm not pregnant.

Brad: Yet. You're not pregnant, yet.

Katie: We're a failure, Brad.

Brad: Hardly. We just got started. We've been working on this project, what, for how long? We've barely gotten good at it. So, I'm not going to let you throw in the towel.

Katie: You sound like you're coaching little league.

Brad: Bratie. Bratie. Yeah, we need a handle. Like Brangelina, Bennifer, Tomkat. You know, it was either Bratie or Kad.

Katie: Oh, good, fine. Then go out find one. I know, why don't you call up that so-called "supermodel" we interviewed yesterday.

Brad: Her name is Mia.

Katie: Well, I'm sure Mia could pop you out a whole runway full of tall, beautiful, brainless children in no time.

Brad: You know, maybe I should. Maybe I should give her a call. Maybe she's free for lunch.

Katie: She eats?

Brad: Oh, you know, whatever! Like I care. Okay, you give me five minutes with her, I'll forget about what a nutjob you are! Hormones or not. Thank god I didn't get you pregnant. Probably have to go into witness protection or something.

Margo: He's kind of like a St. Bernard, isn't he? Well, you know, he's just big and dumb and fluffy, and you know he's always running to your rescue if you should sprain your ankle on a double black diamond. But if you adopt him, he'll eat you out of house and home, he'll drool all over the furniture, he'll push you over and take up the whole bed.

Katie: Well, the bed arrangement was temporary.

Margo: And honey, can you imagine a whole litter of little baby Brad Snyders all over your house?

Carly: Did you hear what I just said? This is your chance to get Katie back. Why aren't you charging over there on your white horse?

Jack: Because I don't trust you.

Carly: That's not it. You're afraid that Katie will reject you. If you do not go after what you want, then you do not deserve to get it.

Jack: I give you permission to shoot me in the head if I ever take advice from you on getting what I want. Better yet, I'll shoot myself.

Brad: Did anyone ever tell you that you make food sound pornographic?

Jack: Carly came to see me again.

Margo: Oh, let me guess. She wants you back.

Jack: No, she wants me back with Katie.

Margo: What, she grow another brain tumor?

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