ATWT Best Lines Friday 12/14/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 12/14/07


Provided By Elayna

Aaron: How far can you walk in those heels? Not very far. Okay? I'll be right back. I promise. I promise.

Alison: Fine. But when I'm murdered by some creepy guy wearing a mask carrying an ax, you'll be sorry.

Carly: No, no, no, no. No. He wouldn't do something like that. Maybe he can help me figure out what's going on. Will you bring the glassware over to Metro, please?

Sam: Well, but glasses won't do much good with no alcohol to put in them.

Carly: You know why I didn't bring it up, Jack? Because the idea of having a conversation with you where you weren't finding fault with me was too thrilling to resist!

Carly: You don't trust my judgment. I know I've given you a lot of reasons to feel that way. But tell me, Jack -- how many times do I have to tell the truth, before you realize that i don't always lie? How many good lessons do I have to teach the kids before you'll forgive me for the mistakes that I've made? Give me a number and I'll aim for it. I'll double it, if it means you'll trust me again.

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