ATWT Best Lines Monday 12/3/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 12/3/07


Provided By Elayna

Jack: Hi, I'm Jack Snyder. Do you remember me? We talked on the phone earlier. You kinda talked, I was yelling.

Katie: You bought me a house? And now you want to be the father of my children? I need to sit down.

Brad: I thought that's what you wanted.

Katie: Brad, I asked you for space. And somehow, you interpreted that to mean that I want to procreate with you?

Brad: It's no big secret that you wanted to have kids with Jack. He can't deliver, so I mean -- that's why I'm here.

Katie: As what? Some sort of twisted backup plan?

Brad: Well, I like to think of myself as a dream maker. Bradley, baby daddy, at your service.

Katie: Oh, my God. Just give me a minute to erase that disturbing thought from my mind. Okay, now, you may go.

Brad: I'm doing this for you. All right, because I sort of, I don't know, ruined your chances to have kids with Jack.

Katie: Oh, nice. So this is like an apology, favor, pity thing?

Brad: Well, Vienna was talking to me about your, you know, biological clock. Tick, tick, ticking.

Katie: What? Vienna put you up to this?

Brad: Well, you see, your body is begging for someone to make you a mommy.

Katie: I am not begging for you, Brad! You were recently someone that I wanted to kill for a very good reason!

Brad: Okay, okay, okay. But you know, for all you know, this could be the best offer you get.

Katie: Oh! Apparently, you find me very appealing.

Brad: No, no, no. No. I didn't mean that. You are -- you are incredibly -- you're gorgeous. But you're not getting any younger --

Katie: Oh, God, that's it. That is it!

Brad: Oh, God, totally digging myself into a hole here.

Vienna: Well then, you can't allow that selfish, annulled husband of yours to destroy that dream.

Iris: Gwennie isn't your daughter.

Barbara: Not biologically. But if there is a lesson in adoption, it's that the biological mother is not always the most viable parent.

Iris: No, it's the one who can cough up enough dough to pay for her kids to have a baby.

Henry: You can't possibly think she wants children with Brad after she pulled a carving knife on him at Thanksgiving?

Vienna: Well, maybe her biological urges are stronger than her violent ones. Biological urges can be like that, you know.

Henry: Sweetie, you know how we always promised to be truthful with one another? Okay? The truth is, the only thing that terrifies me more than being a parent is -- there isn't anything I can think of that terrifies me more than that.

Vienna: You would be such a wonderful father.

Henry: No I wouldn't -- hey, you know what? You never met my sister Eve, the murderer, okay? I helped raise her

Henry: I have a feeling we're not talking about Katie anymore.

Vienna: Well, a woman's need to bear a child is a force of nature! When it comes knocking, you must answer.

Henry: Can't you just put up a do not disturb sign?

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