ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 11/14/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 11/14/07


Provided By Elayna

Bonnie: Your life is pathetic. Even your doughnuts are stale.

Dallas: Okay, if you're so in demand, why are you hanging out here?

Bonnie: Well, I was just hoping my cousin the cop could refer me a client or two.

Dallas: No, no, no. See, my job is putting the bad guys away, not getting them a desperate, out-of-work lawyer.

Bonnie: Oh, God, you just wait until I get my practice up and running. The first time I get you on the stand as an arresting officer, I will wipe the floor with you.

Dallas: Oh, I'm shaking in my boots now.

Emily: It's me. We need to talk.

Dusty: Should I bring my boxing gloves?

Rosanna: Craig, I hired an investigator as a precaution. And it turns out that Meg is indeed taking every opportunity to run into Paul.

Craig: That is ridiculous.

Rosanna: Your wife simply may not be as devoted as you think, Craig.

Craig: She is having my child.

Rosanna: That doesn't necessarily mean that she's faithful, does it? You know, my keeping an eye on Meg may work out to your benefit. I should send you a bill.

Bonnie: Are you seriously going to make me go to the hospital to see if I can pick up a personal injury case?

Dallas: Now I know what to get you for Christmas -- you know, a big T-shirt that says, "Ambulance chaser" on it.

Holden: Thanks for the coffee.

Bonnie: Don't thank me yet. Just wait until you get my bill.

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