ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 11/13/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 11/13/07


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Jack: Every single night, Carly, I went to bed and I prayed. I prayed for that miracle. The one I didn't believe in? And every morning, I woke up and for a split second, I thought something changed. And then I would remember. That hit me all over again.

Carly: We got it, jack. We got our miracle.

Jack: I mourned for you. I ruined my entire life for a lie. For a liar.

Katie: Sometimes I wonder why you even asked me to marry you. Maybe there was something about me that reminded you of Carly.

Jack: You are nothing like Carly.

Katie: No, yeah, whatever. It doesn't matter. We did rush into things. You and I both, at the time, we're like, what are we doing? Why are you --

Jack: Don't do that -- don't do that -- don't write us off like that! I love you, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, I know you do. But that never was enough to stop you from choosing her. Choosing Carly every time. And it's not that you lived with her and then you took her to Montana. But you chose to marry her!

Jack: I did that for the kids. I did it for the kids because I thought we could put together a few solid weeks with the family all together.

Katie: I thought we were their family. You didn't do this for the kids, jack. You did it because it was Carly. Because she's the wife you really wanted.

Jack: You told us that everything was going to be all right. When you said the words, I was so grateful for what was happening. I didn't even stop to think -- wait, whoa, how? When? Because it never occurred to me that you could lie about something like this. Not to me. Not to the kids. Losing you, Carly? Would've been more than I could take. But I swear to god, I wish I never had to see your face again.

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