ATWT Best Lines Thursday 11/1/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 11/1/07


Provided By Eva

Meg: I just washed my hands.

Craig: Well, good to know. I've always been a fan of personal hygiene.

Meg: After I dried them, I put the towel on the second rack, not the third rack where I found it. I hope that's all right. You know, I could always put it back on the third rack.

Craig: Am I supposed to know what the hell you're talking about?

Meg: If you have no objections, umm, I'd like to call room service and get something to drink. Well?

Craig: Well, what?

Meg: What should I get to drink?

Craig: The antidote for whatever it is you're on. What the hell is wrong with you?

Craig: I don't want to own either one of you. And I want to be a better father to this child than I was before. I want to be a better husband to you. But to do that, I am going to need something from you too.

Meg: Like what?

Craig: I need you to start being a better wife to me.

Brad: He should be worried about Katie. This whole thing has been so hard on her, and your lies have really messed up her life. And she's not the only one hurting.

Carly: Failure to die is not a crime.

Brad: Well, why don't you let my brother, the detective, decide that one

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