ATWT Best Lines Friday 10/26/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 10/26/07


Provided By Elayna

Barbara: Hi, we were in the neighborhood just doing some wedding last minute stuff, and we thought we'd just drop in. 

Will: Paul, do you want to explain to Mom that I'm not an idiot and I know exactly why you're here? 

Paul: I already have, several times. 

Nurse: Is this your first?

Craig: Well, it's our first together. I mean, I've had other children, but this feels like a first. It feels like a real beginning. I mean, I could write a book on how not to raise children. But because of meg, I feel like we've really got to kind of close the book on that chapter. And now, our new baby is going to have nothing in its life -- just love and peace and harmony --

Meg: What the hell are you doing here? 

Maddie: Oh. How are you guys doing? I talked to Alison at the diner and she told me what happened with the in vitro. I'm so sorry.

Gwen: Yeah, thanks. It's been a little rough.

Will: Yeah. It didn't help that Mom decided to come by within 24 hours and demand that we need to adopt a replacement grandchild.

Gwen: What? You agree with her?

Maddie: Well, I mean, her timing reeks, but she has a point. Biology's overrated I mean, look at my psycho sister. She came from the same genetic soup as I did, and well -- look how that turned out.

Gwen: Yeah. I guess biology can be just as messed up as anything else. 

Meg: Is that a white flag?

Craig: I was looking around for a diaper. I thought it might be more symbolic.

Meg: Well, not too many diapers are made of cloth these days, Craig. 

Meg: Paul, please talk to me. I'm going crazy.

Paul: Yeah, well, pregnant women are moody. That's your husband's problem, isn't it? Not mine.

Meg: Okay, don't. Don't treat me that way. I know how upset you are. But I am, too. I never wanted things to be like this.

Paul: Once again, not my problem.

Meg: You're lying.

Paul: Now I know you're confusing me with your husband. 

Barbara: The fact that you can say that while Craig Montgomery's baby is growing inside of you is mind-boggling. You leave Paul alone, let him live his life with Rosanna. And you? You focus on that baby. I know better than anyone how much energy it takes to protect a child from a dangerous father. And that baby is going to need all your devotion just to survive the mess you've made. 

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