ATWT Best Lines Monday 10/22/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 10/22/07


Provided By Eva

Rosanna: He insisted on opening the champagne. I -- I thought it might just be -- might be easier just to have a drink with him and get it over with, instead of fighting with him.

Paul: Well, I tell you what, I'm here now. So why don't I fight him?

Craig: All right, careful, Paul. We might break something.

Paul: Can I ask you something?

Craig: Of course. It was always my pleasure to instruct you.

Carly: Jack and Katie are over. He will never go back to her now.

Brad: Why? Because he's slept with you, and nobody does it better?

Jack: Katie --

Katie: So I am going to take care of you now, one last time, by telling you something that you need to hear. Carly will always be with you, whether she's here or not. And that is never going to change. Never going to change I didn't want to believe that, and neither did you. But let's just face it now, okay? You're never going to let go of Carly. And I love you, but I will not settle for being married to someone else's husband! Because whether she's here or she's a ghost, you will always belong to Carly.

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