ATWT Best Lines Monday 10/8/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 10/8/07


Provided By Elayna

Jack: Thank you very much.

Katie: Oh hey, I dimly remember that. It's Jack smiling.

Carly: Well, I think that you and I are on our way to a very nearly perfect diorama.

J.J.: You just love saying that word, don't you?

Carly: Which word? Diorama? I do, actually.

Luke: You know, Mayer, this is very serious business. This is camping.

Noah: What do you know from camping?

Luke: Oh, come on. I'm an expert camper. That's why I got the hard task, I'm gathering the wood.

Noah: Hmm, you were just supposed to run an errand. Pretty full of yourself, aren't you?

Luke: Oh, well that's because I am one with nature. In fact, you know what? When we go fishing, I'm not even gonna use a pole, I'm gonna use my bare hands.

Jack: No. Not really. No. I told her my decision, basically. There was no discussion, there was no talk. I basically brought her up to speed.

Margo: Oh. So you're telling me that you're not perfect.

Carly: Do you think that I run that kid by, like by, remote control. He does have mind of his own.

Brad: Okay, do you want me to cave-in because you're sick or be honest and tell you what I think.

Carly: Brad, I've never wanted to know what you think.

Brad: This would be better for JJ, Don't you think? I mean, let life go on just a little bit, Carly. Let Katie be a part of it.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Oh, I see that vulture circling. Well, could she at least wait till I'm dead before she takes my son from me?

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